All songs and lyrics ©Helen Healy

Kiss Underwater

I lost my peace of mind and it took a long time
To find my way back home
I saw in you what I couldn’t see me until I was alone
Now I’m breaking free from the chains of blame
Going to jump in the river wash away the pain

Jump in the River with me and Kiss Underwater

I sat in the flames and watched it burn away
Until the ashes turned cold
Now the fire’s in my belly and I’m feeling all is well with these hearts I hold
Now I’m prepared to play my part
Going to sit at the table and eat my heart

Jump in the River with me and Kiss Underwater

I met a dark haired woman who read my palm
And spoke of doors
She said some will open some will close the choice is yours
I’ve been in a dark place now I’m coming out
And I won’t die wondering what it’s all about

Jump in the River with me and Kiss Underwater

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Hard as the Devil

It’s as hard as the Devil
To walk out that door
Drive into the morning
Not to see you anymore
If I stay I’ll want to change you
Love will be a curse
You can beat me on better
You can’t hold a candle to me on worse.

When I first met you I saw a good man
Wounded and sliding without any plan
I wanted to pick you up , take you home
Now I realise I can do it alone.

One look from you I couldn’t resist
Dropping everything just totalling blissed
But you would take me down with you, you know damn well
So I’m leaving early it will hurt like hell

I’m as hard as the devil
It’s Crystal Clear
When it comes to walking out on you my dear
I’m not your mother
Not your lover
Not the mat for your door
Hell babe, I’m not even your lover anymore.

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The less we say about it the better
Let’s make it up as we go along
Pick me up and take me home
It’s time to admit that I was wrong
Home that’s where I want to be
But I guess I’m already there
I come to my senses sometimes
I know I’ve got more than it takes
But I get distracted now and then.

From the things that I do best
From care and taking rest
Oh Distraction
Sometimes I couldn’t care less
Why do I always settle for second best.
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I’ve been to places I should not have been to
And I’ve seen things I should not have seen
I wonder if I’ll ever be happy
But it’s only the moments in between
It’s time to take myself in hand
And this persistence bends my head
I see it clearly when I’m alone
I know I’m a strong, strong woman
But I get distracted now and then.

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Leave Her Alone

Hey man, what you doing
To the little girl across the road from me
I’ve been seeing some strange goings on
Hearing things I don’t want to believe

Little girls smile and fall apart
You’re slowly breaking her heart…
You and I know that you adore her
Feel so bad but you can’t ignore her
No one saves her it goes on and on
I’m stepping in just leave her alone.

You’ve been waiting on her hand and foot
At her beck and call for so many years
What gives you the right to mess up her head
Leaving her cold and holding back the tears.

The perfect girl for you, she’ll do what you say
If not out of love then she’ll do it through fear
What kind of man are you to take her like that
You think we don’t know, but we can hear.

The questions come as they always do
The only explanation she got from you
Was the back of your hand.
With your beer bellied gut and your balding hair
You pretend to the world that you’re on the square
But you’re a dirty, dirty, dirty old man.

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Ready for Love

Three ships came sailing
Across the sea they’re heading for me
I sit up here on my roof and I see
One carries all my dreams
One is not as it seems
And one carries my true love home to me

The dream ship lies in the bay
The mystery can sit and wait
For now I’m ready for love

My true love comes to me
He is my dream, my mystery
And for a while I do believe
He holds me in his arms
I become a part of his charms
I close my eyes and feel relieved.

Time passes as it will
Here on the roof I’m sitting still
But not for long the waiting is too much
Two ships in the harbour tonight
I go to them to light my life
Because love alone is never quite enough

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No one delights in revenge more than a woman
For many men it’s the first blunt thing to hand
A delicate art form kind of precision
A hardened heart she always gets her man

Getting her own back
Giving the payback
So listen So listen

A broken heart a wasted life can’t show in court
Wild justice is the only way
The only way to right the wrongs the law can’t touch
An eye for an eye there’s debts to pay. [Chorus]

Heroines with harder hearts and cooler heads than ours
With memories to play the parts and learn to count the hours
She can wait. She can wait. She can wait.
To get her own back.

Revenge is a sweet a bitter pill to ease the pain
Humiliation can stir a one eyed beast
This kind of justice is the only weapon
To make up for a damage no one can see.[Chorus, Middle Eh]

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St. Christopher

I lost something here, a little while ago
It might have been down along the empty streets
I’ve been searching up and down where he used to go
I even looked again between the dirty sheets.

But Oh, Hey St. Christopher
I even stroked your charm a couple of times
But Oh, Hey St. Christopher
You ain’t doing much good
To help me find this man of mine.

It’s been a wild, hot summer living close to the edge
Spending time and money on the dark side of the street
We hit rock bottom and I went off my head
He kept his silence, started talking with his feet.

I left him with some bruises a few weeks ago
I did all the wrong things, I just want him to know
He’s gone into hiding, in the shadows in the night
I just want to find him, make him feel alright.

I watched every old movie
At every theatre in town
I didn’t see my baby
When they all came out
I opened up my doors
Put a message on my phone
I’m waking without you near me
Baby please come home.

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The Last Time

That’s the last time,
The last time I’ll do it for you
If there’s a next time, a next time,
You won’t find me near you

Because I’ve had it up to here
Of sweating when the doorbell rings
Ignoring the telephone
Until it does it’s thing.

Is it the landlord, the debt collector
Or heavies looking for cash
Is it the cops knocking at half past three
Or someone looking for a blast
I just want to get some sleep
But I can’t, close my eyes.

I remember a time, a much better time
When I’d do anything for you
But I’ve been wasting my time, on this pie in the sky
And I’ve Next To No Time left for you.

Is it a stranger or a summons
Or plain clothed D.I.s
Is it the gasman or someone coming
To cut off the telephone line.
Darling you know I love you madly
But I’m not quite this insane
To take what you’re dishing out to me
Over and over again

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One Beauty Must Die

I miss you
But I don’t want you back
To change your thoughts
That I may change my mind
Fresh blood for love
When you are gracious and kind
Among the wasting of time
Then you must go
One Beauty Must Die
As another, another will grow

I love you
And I always will
Though I move on
My heart’s never still
Nothing last forever
Nothing lasts too long
Keep this in mind
Be joyful and strong
One Beauty Must Die
As another, another will grow

It is so hard to miss
What no longer exists
Because the one I love has gone
The body’s the same
Yet in all things but name
There’s no one home

So tell me where does beauty lie
Beneath the skin
Or in a new lover’s eye
Look beyond the glass
To a perfect desire
Then walk through the fire
Burning your name
One Beauty Must Die
As another, another will grow

©Helen Healy

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