I used to give you a fish but now I teach you how to fish for yourself. I don’t actually produce projects or events anymore, (unless they really excite me) but what I do, in my opinion, is even better.

I work with you and your team is to plan and implement the new project or event with my support and coaching. From the planning, throughout implementation until the aftermath of your event. Together we can tailor a package to meet your needs, skills and resources.

I also work with existing projects or events to up skill and reinvigorate or review your plan or even work with you to rescue an event that is floundering or in trouble.

Already clients are benefiting from my Coaching and Consultancy and I look forward to working (or fishing) with you.


Not because you are ridiculously good looking, but  because by the time I am finished with you, you will be on fire with ideas, skills and the passion to do whatever it takes to make it great.

During my 15 years as an event manager I have developed a system that presents the eight critical areas of events management – the eight things you have to do to ensure a successful event.

Using storytelling and pictures from events across Australia, we drill down into Business, Finances, Sponsorship and Funding, Marketing and Media, Service providers, Program, People and Research & Development.

Event Management for Hotties is tailored to your requirements, is fun and interactive and can run from 2 hours to all day.


Even though you are ‘reading’ this content, I guess you’ve figured out by now that I love ‘talking’, telling stories, bringing people together and entertaining. Examples of topics I can talk about include:

  • Event Management for Hotties tailored for different audiences
  • Life Work Balance
  • How a 50 something successful business woman can have the nerve to walk away from it all to follow her passions
  • Living and working in the country
  • Delivering Indigneous events into urban, regional and remote Australia

I have MC’ed events more times than I care to remember and in recent times I have presented talks at the Victorian Regional Living Expo in Melbourne, Work Life Balance at Women’s Group, Art and Life to La Trobe University Visual Arts students and look forward to talking to you.


With years of successful experience, a highly respected reputation, national profile and comprehensive media and government contacts, Helen offers a consultancy and management service where clients stand to benefit from the knowledge, networks, intellectual property, integrity and work ethic brought to the table.

Helen provides services gleaned from 20 years of owning successful small business (Dingo Advertising and HHO Events) and can assist with consultancies and short term projects across many areas.

These include  programming festivals and events; relationship management; capacity building; team building; time management; jingles; events feasibility or trouble shooting and all the other skills that come from owning and operating successful small businesses.

Her commitment is to do the right thing and do good business that is measured not only by financial gain, but by adherence to good principles, good value and good fun!


I write across many genres, including letter writing with wax seals, and am currently fine tuning a children’s book and a collection of short stories. I have had a short story published in the Cahaba River Literary Journal USA and have recently completed my first novel currently under publication consideration.

In this case I’m talking about professional writing for your business – publications, media releases, social media commentary including blogs, speeches, programs and booklets.

For instance I recently completed the Wentworth and District Community Banks’ 15th anniversary publication and have written content for Festival program’s extensively for more than a decade.

I have also written for Arts Hub, Mildura Living, The Dura, Victorian Writer and online publications including Accidently Outback.



I passionately believe in the power and value of having good mentors in your life. Every step of my journey has been accompanied by people I have identified as someone who inspires me to be a better person and to work smarter.

Sometimes they are people who live and work the kind of life I aspire to and we meet for a regular chat and other times I seek out specialists to guide me through major decisions and life changes. For instance my most recent mentors have been Debbie Spellman from Detox your Mind and Robin Sharma from Leadership International.

I am committed passing on skills and building confidence in people enthusiastic to develop and learn. Every event we managed included a mentoring element, particularly in remote communities where we were committed to passing on knowledge and leaving skills in the community.

So if you are making a life change, entering a new career, wanting to improve an area of your work life or simply want to provide guidance to a staff member – let’s talk